Gentilino 133
In our works time lapses are perceivable.

Imvedo rents new high standing apartments in Gentilino-Collina d'Oro a couple of kilometers from the center of Lugano in one of the most idyllic municipalities in the canton.
The combination of modern and classic, mutually enhances the two architectural styles making this mix between today and tomorrow unique. Contrast of clean and minimalist contemporary lines with the timeless aesthetics of the early 1900s. The general context in which this project stands, further amplifies its unique character. The beautiful residential area with large private park, constant sun radiation and an open view of the vineyards define the style of the villa and private residence.

We rent spaces providing technical advice and support in any situation to make sure tenants find the most suitable solution meeting their requirements.

Gentilino 133 is part of the municipality of Collina d'Oro, not far from the city of Lugano and which hosts the TASIS institute on its territory, a famous American school in Switzerland. Typical for Ticino the town has beauties such as the church of Gentilino, the Hermann Hesse museum and its castle, the lake, the woods and the vineyards. Also known for its tranquility, it is full of villas and residences for those who live and work in the city.
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Via Montalbano 1 
CH-6925 Collina d'Oro / TI

Year of construction 

Planning status

General contractor 
A. Lepori SA - Impresa Costruzioni 
Via Aprica 2 
CH-6900 Lugano / TI
Imvedo SA — Via Industria 8
6814 Lamone — Svizzera
T +41 91 604 20 29