Imvedo is a sound company that constantly and passionately thrives to build, maintain and manage buildings in Ticino. The geographical and actual proximity to customers, suppliers, partners and contractors makes Imvedo a trustworthy long-term partner, which develops top-quality real estate projects with a target-oriented and coherent approach. Experience and knowledge are the necessary bases to achieve a strong, healthy and consistent growth.
Imvedo actively works in the real estate market with a global outlook, thanks to its background and competent management involved in the buying-selling and renting sector, real estate marketing, administration, advice, and in income property investments. Furthermore, Imvedo provides services in the role of general contractor.
The need for infrastructures to implement and manage the company’s parallel activities, as well as the passion for constructions and investments have strongly contributed to the development of Imvedo. This is the philosophy our corporate activities have been built on. Yet, our core values have been refined and reinforced over the time. Imvedo has always designed and managed durable spaces, oriented towards the quality, adding the benefit of stability and continuity in the long run. Imvedo has a long-established experience in the real estate market in Ticino and was firstly founded as a family-run business. During Imvedo’s development, the lands and properties of the founding family, as well as the assets acquired over the years have not only been respected, but also developed and enhanced by an industrial, commercial and craftsmanship perspective. Highly diversified core real estate is the bedrock of Imvedo’s portfolio. Imvedo provides services giving priority to the diversified customers’ requirements, implementing an exceptionally flexible approach able to offer custom-made solutions with optimised costs and schedules.
Impart our motto – Passione Spazio. – through our values to generate real benefits. Imvedo aims at instilling its identity as a service provider able to master the key skills of reliability and precision during the execution. These are the essential factors to achieve customers’ satisfaction. 

In addition to our working method, what makes Imvedo a smart, creative and long-term successfully growing company is its transparent business culture, making future-focused investments to adapt to changing market conditions and to the constantly evolving environment. To offer tailored solutions that meet our clients’ individual requirements, our top priority is to keep up to date and work at the highest quality standards.

Stability: the awareness of our origins and our long-term attitude define how we think and act. The coherence and the far-sightedness we proffer ensure business continuity and a sustainable stability.   

Proximity: whether we consider customers, suppliers, partners or collaborators, we are strongly focused on people. Our partnering model wants to generate trust, mutual respect with an open dialogue among all parties. Our geographical proximity translates into a rapid, focused and positive acting to provide a service of the utmost quality.   

Strength: our know-how combined with our hands-on experience, make us a partner able to face challenges like no other when executing, acquiring, selling, renting and managing buildings. Our smooth and efficient procedures ensure the achievement of our goals without deviations, resulting in quality excellence.

The first real estate transactions took place in 1970, increasing steadily over the years and resulting in the establishment of “Immobiliare Vedeggio SA” at first, and “Imvedo SA” later. Since then, investments in the brick and mortar have shaped Imvedo’s current identity, forging this philosophy into a real passion, passed down to the present third generation.
1970: first industrial edifications 

1970 – 1983: land acquisitions and construction of new buildings 

1983: establishment of the new Immobiliare Vedeggio SA 

1983 – 2019: edification of new commercial and artisanal buildings. Acquisition of industrial building. Acquisition, edification and remodelling of private, historical and residential buildings 

2019: rebranding of Immobiliare Vedeggio SA and establishment of Imvedo SA

2024: internal restructuring and new family run operational management
Back Office
We are currently looking for a motivated, reliable and flexible candidate to work in a very dynamic and developing working environment. Our aim is to increase our establishment and properly distribute our administrative and secretarial duties. For these reasons, we have this position open. If you are willing to face and meet new and stimulating challenges in a young, dynamic and competitive context, please do not hesitate to send us your Cv together with a brief motivational letter.
10 July 2024
Imvedo SA — Via Industria 8
6814 Lamone — Svizzera
T +41 91 604 20 29